A cool vintage hardware hack.

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Sat Feb 1 07:37:01 2003

I would think the CPU would have to use totally different drivers.

Talking to the 12821A interface is TOTALLY different than talking to the
13037 interface board from
the I/O backplane perspective.

The 'H' series drives also use a totally different boot rom than MAC
(13037) disks. I have also heard that
you cannot mix ICD (H-series) drives on the same bus as CS/80 disks as
well, but this is more of a rumor
than a fact, it may be that HP did not support this with their drivers
but it may be electrically possible.

Eric Smith wrote:

>Jay wrote:
>>Example: I have a 13037 pca card, going to a 13037 disc controller
>>subsystem, which has both 7905 ICD drives on it, a 7906D, AND a 7906H.
>Can the computer distinguish a 7906H attached to the 13037 box via HPIB
>from an 7906D attached to the 13037 box by the "traditional" interface?
>I'd like to think that because the 13037 box is an "intelligent" controller,
>they should look the same to the host.
>This would be convenient for me, since it should be fairly easy to
>write a program for a PC with an HPIB card to emulate a 7906H. If
>anyone has any 7906H technical documentation, that is. I suppose the
>7906H predates the Amigo, CS/80, and SS/80 specs, and probably had
>some earlier and less sophisticated command set.
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