GRiDCase 3: Dead. (Was: GRiDCase 3: Help!)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Feb 1 17:49:00 2003

On 1 Feb 2003, , David Vohs wrote:

> Well, it seems that I have some bad news to pass on to the
> group.
> The GRiDCase 3 I just recently bought has bit the dust.
> Thanks for everyone's help, but it looks like it just wasn't
> meant to be.
> Sad to say, I'll have to confine this machine to he
> trashpile. --
> David Vohs
 NOO !! Please don't be too quick on that. Remember
this is classiccmp not some MSdoze list. Even if it isn't
possible to get it working again there are lots of parts on a
machine of that vintage that could be used by some of us.
Even the case could be valuable to someone with a
shattered Grid case or dead plasma screen.

 What in particular is dead on it ?


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