Another apology

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Sun Feb 2 03:28:33 2003

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Subject: RE: Another apology
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:05:10 -0800

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> Subject: Another apology
> To everyone who's waiting to hear from me
> about stuff I've offered, another apology!
> Been awfully busy with work & health matters
> and haven't had time to look at things in
> detail, but you'll all hear from me Real
> Soon Now...
> mike in Toronto

No problem.

How do we get a hold of you via email? Your old account isn't working
Hi Ernest:

Address is mhstein at canada dot com; don't know why it's not in your
original message, it is in my copy of the digest.

The Apple clone's still on the shelf with your name on it in indelible black
marker :); sorry I dropped the ball.

Decided not to keep the bio-feedback H/W & S/W, so I'll throw it in; it
also has an 80 col card AFAIK. Write me off-list & we'll work out a
reasonable price.

Thanks for your patience & understanding, although the longer it sits,
the more valuable an antique it becomes, right? :)

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