hp 9836 system software?

From: Kurt <kurt_at_ees1s0.engr.ccny.cuny.edu>
Date: Sun Feb 2 03:28:43 2003

Dear cctalk people, I recently got my hands on a HP 9836CU with monitor
and HP-IB hard disk. Upon power-up, the machine behaves similarly to
Stan's post of Thu, 23 Jan 2003, where his 9836 gave him this:

> Flexible Disc
> Flexible Disc Failed

and he heard this:
> After the POST, but before the 9836C looks for an OS to load, it emits a
> series of high and low pitched beeps (low, low, high, low, high, high,
> low).

But my 9836CU does not boot. The lights on the front of the HP-IB disk
flash when the machine goes through POST an tries to boot, but the disk
does not seem to be spinning and I don't hear heads moving. I don't know
whether the hard disk works nor do I have any floppies, bootable or

Does anyone have any floppies that can be used to boot the a HP 9836CU?
Other system software? Documentation?

thanks, -kurt
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