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From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Sun Feb 2 04:54:00 2003

At 00:24 02/02/2003, you wrote:

>On 2003.02.01 15:37 Adrian Vickers wrote:
>> >Would a newer version of Windoze have reduced the chances of
>> >blue-screening?
>>You can't compile ADA to run on Windows...
>Excuse me? The GNAT development environment is very much available
>on Windows. I've been tempted to install it on Windows as there is
>a very nice looking IDE (I believe done by the Air Force) that is
>freely available for Windows.

Ah yes, GNAT. Runs in a DOS box, doesn't it?

Now you mention it, I do recall GNAT having some windows capabilities, but
they were fairly feeble IIRC. Even the example windows prog crashes a lot -
again, IIRC.

>Unless you're using platform specific code, Ada is *very*

The trouble being, of course, that almost everything *is* platform
specific. That's not a criticism of Ada per se; most "portable" code
suffers on different platforms, especially when windowing environments are
in use. Mind you, when Linux and X become the defacto industry standard
which every machine runs, portability issues will be largely a thing of the
past... I hope.

> Most of the Ada code I've written compiles without
>any problem on OpenVMS, Solaris and IRIX. What I have that doesn't
>is a result of DEC Ada only being Ada83 and I've some stuff that is
>Ada95 specific.

I think the last time I seriously looked at Ada was in about '95, I forget
what level of the language we had. It ran on VMS (on that Vax 8800 I
mentioned earlier). I looked at GNAT about 2-3 years ago, but couldn't
remember enough about Ada to make even a simple program compile.

>One thing about Ada that I found rather interesting was mention of an
>OS written in Great Britain in the early 80's. It was written in Ada
>and ran on the PDP-11.

An OS written in Ada? Any idea what it was called?

Cheers, Ade.
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