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From: Jeffrey S. Worley <Technoid_at_30below.com>
Date: Sun Feb 2 11:09:00 2003

Not in Europe unfortunately, but I know that Computer Parts Barn has a
perfect Nova 4 in stock. At least he did a couple of years ago. But it
is pretty darn big. Multiple 19" racks with drives and tape decks etc.
Nice blue Nova logos on it. I helped get it off the trailer when it came

He has some older Nova's. I'm thinking of one in particular that is a
desktop-style machine, but IIRC, that one is partial.



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Jeffrey S. Worley wrote:
> There were two kinds of Aviion (Nova in reverse if you didn't know).

Wow! No, I hadn't spotted that! Now I want one even more than I
did before. Darn, and the house is full.

> There was a Motorola 88k CPU-based version (sometimes multiprocessor),

That's the one I want, the 88000 version. A CPU chip that I don't
yet have. Anybody know of a source of these in the UK? Or even a
Nova, if it's not too big. I did see one of those in the Science
Museum, next to the brain scanner exhibit.

John Honniball
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