Space Shuttle Disaster

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Sun Feb 2 11:34:01 2003

I believe that the Colombia had recently been totally
refurbished stem to stern...

New Avionics, new wiring, crew compartment, the

NASA is trying to upgrade and extend the life of the
Shuttle fleet rather than pushing for a replacement.

I think it's time an X Program or two were undertaken
to create an SSTO replacement for the shuttle.

Check out Jerry Pournelle's Site (and if you like it,
please become a member... Let's encourage good work
like his..), for some cogent discussions of this

All sorts of wacky stuff is flying around about the
cause. Someone sent me an e-mail about a terrorist
with a laser weapon... Geez!

What bugs me about it, beyond the obvious... Is that
Islamic Extremests will take this disaster and
interpret it to mean that God has spoken against the
U.S. and Israel, and that this disaster is an omen.

Let's wait and see, but I'm sure many in that crowd
were jumping with glee over this, and taking this as a
sign that "Allah" was on their side.

A sad interpretation of a Sadder event.

I'd like to see Burt Rutan on an X Project to develop
a replacement for the shuttle. I'd bet if anyone could
do it, he could get something cheaper and better
developed in a few years easily...

And the temporary solution is to build a few more new
shuttles and ground the older ones. It's obvious to
me, that age and metal stress played some part in this
disaster, and it's probably better to ground the
current fleet and fly all new machines until
replacements can be designed, tested and built...

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