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Date: Sun Feb 2 13:36:01 2003

The SR71 is no airliner. I've seen it take off several times when I was
in Japan. If pressed, I'd guess the Boing 747 as the safest airliner.
Barring bombs, hijackers, and other interference, I don't recall one
crashing. Maybe once.



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Ed Tillman wrote:

>...for that matter, only 2 complete craft/crew losses for the shuttle
>program in over 20 years; and including these, only *3* complete
>losses in a space program that's run for nearly 35 years? That's still
>damned good record in anyone's book, regardless of what the detractors
>say... Name me an aircraft or series of aircraft who can make the
SR-71 Blackbird

>claim. (Noogies for the person who can name the *1* airliner that comes
>closest to beating this record...)
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