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Date: Mon Feb 3 00:46:01 2003

Some of us are using very slow dial-up connections with even
more cumbersome web interfaces. The occasional off-topic post
is OK but this has gone way too far. I've gotten three additional
of mail headers due to this thread-just today.

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On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Eric Dittman wrote:

> > > ...for that matter, only 2 complete craft/crew losses for the
> > > program in over 20 years; and including these, only *3* complete
> > > losses in a space program that's run for nearly 35 years? That's
still a
> > > damned good record in anyone's book, regardless of what the
detractors may
> > > say... Name me an aircraft or series of aircraft who can make
the same
> > > claim. (Noogies for the person who can name the *1* airliner that
> > > closest to beating this record...)
> >
> > Southwest Airlines.
> Southwest Airlines is an airline, not airliner. He was asking
> for a model of passenger airplane.

Got it. But they still have the best commercial record of any (US-based
at least) airline ;)

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