Siemens (was: Old Computer Companies)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Feb 3 04:33:00 2003

> > Oh yeah, there's Siemens.
> Well. The IT part of Siemens is based on the Zuse KG and later merged
> with Nixdorf...

Let me get this timeline straight:

Siemens and Zuse where different companies, and for at least
10 years in constant competition. In 1964 Siemens aquired
Zuse KG and incooperated them into their line of control
computer division. Some models have been produced, and
further developed until the mid/late 70s. These machines
never had any influence for comercial computers of Siemens.
After the 2002, Siemens switched for IBM compatible machines,
and did OEM RCA machines, and developed from there along the
360/370/390 path.

In 1990 Siemens aquired Nixdorf after the death of Heinz
Nixdorf, founder and CEO of Nixdorf AG. Due legal reasons
they had to keep it a seperate company (which also fitted
the businessplans of that time quite well). Siemens split
of their IT division and named the 'merger' Siemens Nixdorf.
Merger might be a wrong term, since a lot of people belive
it was just made to remove Nixdorf as competition. Well,
Nixdorf never realy touched the core business, but has
always been a pain in the ass for Siemens. They where
'only' strong in banking networks and POS systems. Nixdorf
tried to dance on every wedding, from PCs to Mainframes,
and even worse, tried to get a hold on ISDN switches. Not
that they outsold Siemens, but wherever a Siemens sales
man did show up, Nixdorf was already around. So when the
chance opened to remove them from dirturbing business,
Siemens willingly payed way much than the company was

Also in 1990 Siemens startet cooperations with Robotron,
the East German Computer Manufacturer. Eventualy Siemens
bought most of thir factories afterwards.

In 2001 Siemens-Nixdorf joined with Fujitsu Europe to
reorganize the IT business ... Still a work in progress.


P.S.: Check this fine page about Zuses work and company:

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