anyone tried NVRAM simulation of hard drives

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Mon Feb 3 11:23:00 2003

Michael Davidson wrote:

> Note that, while a "real" IDE interface requires a 16 bit
> data path (or, in the case of an 8 bit system, additional
> latches to handle the upper 8 bits of data) it's only the
> actual data register that is 16 bits wide, so you *can*
> greatly simplify the interface if you don't mind wasting
> half the capacity of your storage device (ie you only use
> the low byte in the 16 bit data transfers). The downside
> of this, apart from wasting 50% of the storage, is that
> the data is stored in every other byte on the media making
> interchange with other systems a problem.
What looks to be better is a flash card interface
like here.
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