Signetics 82S153 question

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon Feb 3 16:28:00 2003

I have some 82S153s which I would like to read. What I'm wondering
is, can I tell my PLD-reader (a Data I/O 29A w/LogicPak and 303A-001
p/t head) that what I'm reading is a PHL (presumably Philips, who
owned Signetics at the time) PLS153, and successfully (and
non-destructively read) the parts?

It would appear that Data I/O changed the firmware, and the
family/pinout codes, between what they were when they supported the
82S153 and the PLS153, and I don't know the history or differences
between the parts. So I'm a little bit nervous about just popping
parts in and trying it.

-Frank McConnell
Received on Mon Feb 03 2003 - 16:28:00 GMT

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