Selectric Typewriter conversions

From: Heinz Wolter <>
Date: Mon Feb 3 21:15:01 2003

I converted a 2741 (20 yrs ago) since it already had all the
solenoids intact. I think I used an ancient Byte
article that gave instructions and some sample 8080 code -
mostly lookup tables indicating which solenoids needed
energizing for each char. It took, in all something like
12-17 coil drivers - including "shift". The 2641 did caps by
first shifting, then printing - needed a delay subroutine.
Perhaps it's listed in a Byte index or Best of Byte books.

I don't think it would be feasible to do on a non-2741
unit, as you would have to find and connect to all those
linkages - unless you connect a solenoid to ~each~ key ;)

Get yourself an ASR-33 - much more fun and better noises!
(I once had an ASR than moved itself off a table with each
carriage return- until it went "thump" one too many times"
and fell 2 feet to the concrete floor - still kept printering
and worked flawlessy afterwards and continues to do so AFAIK...
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> Does anyone remember what was required to convert an IBM Selectric
> Typewriter to a computer printer? I seem to recall a kit of some sort
> was available, but my memory is
> *really* hazy about that.
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