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From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Tue Feb 4 09:54:01 2003

I have an AV4300 that I have not yet gotten resurrected, due to lack of RAM.
When I put in the RAM that I thought would work (which turned out to be
DEC-compatible memory) it said "Fatal Memory Error" on the console (serial --
I don't think it has a graphics head, unless the BNC labeled "VDU" is a
monochrome video connector...).

Anyway, does anyone know where I can get memory for this thing, prefereably
cheap or free? ;) I've found some resellers online, but their prices are far
from either of those things...

r. 'bear' stricklin said:
> It's true, I am.
> The project is languishing at the moment for lack of some 'breakthrough'
> data. I have what I was able to restore my AV310CD to, and several
> different samples from AV530 systems. I'm hoping somebody will donate
> NVRAM dumps from some other models.
> I have only two AViiONs at the moment, and the only one that is known good
> is too new to support the 'examine memory' command at the console monitor.
> My AV310 came to me with a dead NVRAM, and is mostly running now with a
> new 48T02, that I reprogrammed with as much information as I knew about.
> THere are still a few glitches I believe are related to missing
> information in the NVRAM; the biggest one is related to the graphics
> configuration and is preventing X from starting.
> The good news is a lot of the most important stuff in the NVRAM is
> easily recoverable, and that unlike Suns, the ethernet MAC address is
> stored in non-volatile storage. I should write a recovery procedure with
> as much information as I know now. I was hoping to do it when the whole
> mystery had been unravelled, but in the meanwhile folks should be able to
> get their systems recovered enough to at least boot the OS.
> I'm always happy to answer questions relating to resurrecting old m88k
> AViiONs.
> ok
> r.
- Dan Wright

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