Selectric Typewriter conversions - looking for ASR-33

From: Heinz Wolter <>
Date: Tue Feb 4 10:22:01 2003

Sadly, true. I gave mine to a friend with a 1 transistor
rs232 to 20mA loop interface built into the DIN plug,
to connect directly to the TRS COCO. A single BASIC
poke for the bitbashed software UART made the 110bd work.
When Radio Shaft came out with OS-9 for the COCO, I
immeditate bought it and hooked up an opto to make the
ASR-33 into a terminal. With OS-9 on the the ~.9MHz COCO,
it was a matter of whoever hit enter first got the floppy
I was the first with a multi-user operating system on the block ;)
It functioned as great printer but slow for many years....
I've never been able to find another, more less in that pristine shape
- ie clean oil, and not a speck of dirt!

Anybody have a stash of workting ASR-33s out there? and know of a
cheap shipping company ;) It would make a lovely PDP11/10 console ;)


"Kent Borg" <> wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 10:11:49PM -0500, Heinz Wolter wrote:
> > Get yourself an ASR-33
> Easier said than done.
> -kb, the Kent who still hasn't found one.
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