HP 2000 system requirements (was Re: Request for Armed Guard highway escort (HP2100))

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Feb 4 15:43:00 2003

> Next to
> 2000/Access which requires the most elaborate hardware, 2000E is the
> best of the TSB systems I believe,

I strongly disagree. 2000C, 2000C', and 2000F are *much* better than

> and only requires one CPU,

True. IIRC, one of the earlier systems, 2000A or 2000B, also only
required one CPU, but there's probably no reason to prefer that over

> no IOP firmware,

2000C/C'/F don't require special IOP firmware either. Only 2000 Access
needs that.

> and no 1/2 tape drive.

2000C/C'/F don't require a tape drive, though they can support it as
an option. Of course, if you want to SLEEP or HIBERNATE the system
for backup, you'd better have one.

If you don't have a magtape, you have to install the system from paper
tape. For 2000C/C'/F, I think this requires a high-speed reader, as
I don't remember the TSB loader supporting install from the console
teletype's reader. If memory serves, the console teletype was usually
an HP 2754 or some such, which was a KSR35.
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