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Date: Tue Feb 4 18:31:01 2003

On Feb 4, 12:49, Jay West wrote:

> That being said - this has come up for discussion several times in
the past,
> and pretty much the majority of people said don't put it in so I left
> out. However, if the majority opinion has changed, I'd be happy to
add it
> back. Tis up to you folks! :)

My vote is to leave it as it is, ie no tag, please.

I dislike the wasted space in the subject line (and yes I can make it
wider but I choose not to do so because it suits everything else the
way it is, thanks), and there are plenty of other things in the headers
I can filter on. Besides, once a thread has started I can recognise
the subject lines; I don't need tags.

FWIW, I'm on several other lists, either at home or at work, only a few
of which use tags -- and all of those have at some time exhibited the
recursion problem, apparently because some MUAs munge the subject lines
when replying.

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