OT: Collecting, Hacking and the Spooks (was: Gulf War, dummies,

From: Jim Arnott <jrasite_at_eoni.com>
Date: Tue Feb 4 19:51:00 2003

And you too can be placed in a military detention facility for an
indefinite period of time while legal representation is denied you as a
"person of interest".

WAKE UP AMERIKA, IT IS HAPPENING HERE. The Constitution has been
suspended. In the name of the "War on (drugs, terrorist, insert today's
word here)"

Three years ago, the below might have been fun. Today, it's a good way
to disappear.



R. D. Davis wrote:

> Hmmm... Just for fun, I suggest that we all buy lots of grow lamps as
> well, as I hear the spooks are suspicious of those too and do checks
> for them... place them near a frosted window and leave them lit all
> the time... grow some sort of house plants or herbs (they're not
> illegal yet), but keep lots of beakers, bunsen burners, contraptions
> that look like stills with valves connected to computers, etc. near
> the plants just for the heck of it... use 'em to prepare cups of
> herbal tea, herbal remedies, dinner, or whatever. If everyone did
> something "suspicious," yet harmless, like that, it sure would screw
> up Big Brother's spook system. :-)
> Oh, yeah, buy lots of "suspicious" books as well, as I hear they're
> trying to keep track of the books we read. Now then, where'd I put my
> copy of "Computer Controlled Potato Launchers and High Power Spark
> Gap, and Other, RFI Generators for Novice Jeffersonian
> Revolutionaries?" ;-)
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