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Devices today are made to last untill the warranty just expires. They are
made cheaply so you buy the same item again in a year or 2 keeping the
companies cranking them out. If EVERY washing machine lasted 35 years the
market for the machines would die in a few years and the companies making
them would be out of buisiness. That and most people wouldnt want to spend
5x the cost of the cheap washing machines to get the good model. Ever notice
that repair shops that used to thrive repairing tv's, stereo's, computers,
vacuum cleaners etc are now non existant? Everything is built to get tossed,
not to be fixed and reused.

High quality and commodity equipmet dont mix. The reason your 10+ year old
computers still work is because they had a high markup making the
manufacturer alot of money. Take away the profit and all you are left with
is cutting cost (crappy components, cutting corners) just to make a small
profit competeing with all the other widget makers. PC's today are the
cheapest and most powerfull we have ever seen.. but they wont last 10+ years
of constant use either. That and very few companies are making a profit
selling the commodity stuff anymore, they are living off the fat of the good
old days and when thats gone so are they. Sucks that maxtors 3 year
warranties just got dropped to 1 year.. you know they dropped the quality

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> > That, alas does not suprise me. Very little made today is made properly.
> Naturally, since most of the sheep won't pay more for things made
> properly. It's a triumph of crapitalism.
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