From: Dean <moored_at_student.charleshays.net>
Date: Tue Feb 4 21:50:05 2003

Hi folks ,

>And, while we're asking, does anyone know what happened to Burroughs?

>The Burroughs corporation eventually merged with Sperry Univac and got
>absorbed into Unisys
   I've been lurking for a while , have a few old box's about but the
ones i'm curious to
know the rareity of are 3 Burroughs desktop type units from early 80's
they are all 3
different models one newer 85 maybe , I'd have to dig them out and check
the model
numbers if need be , they all run the "B-20" operating system and booted
and ran the
last time they were plugged in (one is a smart terminal type ala net
boot) . On a couple
occasions i've searched all over the net for information and found very
little other than
the company history stored at the Babbage institute . Are these things
as odd as I think
they are or has info and availability just managed to elude me ?
Thanks for your time
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