Compact Flash (CF) cards

From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 05:02:00 2003

Works OK for me in a Toshiba 470CDT running W98. Check (and format) the CF
cards in something else to make sure they're OK. Sounds like the card is
'invisible'. I can't recall exactly what happened when I first plugged the
card plus adapter in (over 2 years ago now) but fairly sure W98 just
recognised the CF card, got it's act together and another drive appeared.
First time round there may have been a reboot required but not since. But
the CF card had been prior-formatted in the digital camera.

Dave B
Christchurch, NZ

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Subject: OT: Compact Flash (CF) cards

> Hi folks:
> This is off-topic, (and if you are in the sbc6120 group you have already
> seen it):
> I got a couple of Compact Flash (CF) cards to play with, and I also got a
> CF-PCMCIA adapter to try the cards in my laptop. Unfortunately, I cannot
> get Win-frickin-98 to see the card.
> I have a similar Smartmedia-PCMCIA adapter for camera cards, and it seems
> to work fine in the same machine (ibm thinkpad 600e).
> In both cases, I inserted the card/adapter, WinBlows sees it and starts
> device wizard to install a "Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller." For
> the Smartmedia card/adapter, the card automatically appears as a drive in
> Explorer, and all is well. For the CF card/adapter, it asked me to
> and even then does not see the card. The Device Manager Status for the
> controller says "device not present, not working properly, or does not
> all drivers installed (code 10)." There are no resource conflicts to
> correct. However, the controller driver is seen by the PCMCIA utility
> allows me to stop the card for removal.
> I've searched at ibm and microsoft, and various google finds, but cannot
> make sense of this, and have already spent way too much time on it. Has
> anyone had problems or success reading CF cards in Win98 with a PCMCIA
> adapter? Is a usb adapter a better choice? Upgrading the o/s is not an
> option, since I never intend to give microsoft another penny.
> thanks in advance,
> gil
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