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New York Times
June 11, 2001

Court Restricts Heat-Sensor Searches
By David Stout

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court today reiterated the right of privacy in the
age of technology, ruling in an Oregon drug case that the police cannot use
a heat-seeking device to probe the interior of a home without a search

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> What I've been wondering about is, how long before we start setting off
> alarms in some Government agency due to our abnormally high use of
> electricity? Or due to the abnormally high level of heat in area's of
> our home?

Back when I used an ES/9000 in my parents house, I managed to attract the
attention of the law. There were two DEA agents from the local office
with one of the local sheriff's deputys with him. They showed up and
asked me if I was growing marijuana. I said something to the effect of,
"What gave you that idea?" They showed me a report from the power
company. I laughed and told them to come look for themselves. They were
quite unprepared for the size of my computer, I can tell you that. 8-)

Peace... Sridhar
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