Overlays, GKS... (Was: Re: New to list)

From: Megan <mbg_at_TheWorld.com>
Date: Wed Feb 5 09:42:00 2003

>It was a Professional 350, IIRC, and then it must really have been SET

But the XC.MAC is simply a prefix file, the actual code would have
gone into XL, so you are correct...

>> I was responsible for development of XL/XC/VTCOM/TRANSF package
>> after taking it over from the original developer.
>Thanks for refreshing my fading memory!

Actually, the original names for the parts of the package (before
I renamed them using DEC-standard naming conventions) were

        MD (driver)
        VTERM (the RT-end communications program)
        TRANSF (same name, but originally written in BASIC+ for
                        RSTS since that was the system we used)

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