New Finds This week

From: Keys <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 12:15:01 2003

Yesterday was pretty good and I got the following items:

Amiga 200HD cpu only no KB, mouse, or monitor with it.

KAYPRO 4 in great physical shape not powered up yet.

Tandy 1000 RL Hard Drive cpu only.

Data Book Computer model 486-DBA looks like a it was used as a LINUX box.

4- 486 notebooks; 2-Austin's, a Sharp, and a Compaq. No ac adapters with

Sony Lasermax LDP-1450.

AXIS StorPoint CD-rom server.

Apple 800k external floppy drive.

Bag of TI99/4A game cartridges. Have not looked through them yet.

Some IBM PCjr stuff.

A Convergent Technologies Motorola Information System 6300 tower (miniframe)
with terminal but no KB or special power brick for it.

A TAXAN 12" RGB monitor that works with Apple, IBM, or NEC PC8001 computers.

Several mice and mousepads for that part of the collection.

Found a recycler that is going out of business and he has about 8 HP racks
on wheels (all empty) for only $5 each and tons of more stuff. I will be
making a second trip today I hope before it's all trashed.
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