Things FS (dec, ncd, sun, chips), and Info requested

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 14:15:41 2003

First, the question. Look for "SELLING" below for what I have 'for sale'.

  I've managed to pick up a TECMAR, Inc. "LAB TENDER COMP" card for the
IBM PC (8bit ISA interface) but I don't have any docs on it. There's a
total of 5 34pin headers on the card, a bunch of 7400 seris logic, an
AM9513, AM8255A-5, 5xTL084CJ, 4xHEF4051BP chips, and 3x8switch
dip-switches. Does anyone know what this is and/or have software/docs for


+ Digital SC008-AB, one with an "A" and one with a "B" on it, has many
(maybe 20) TNC Jacks monted on it, some with 'terminators' on it. Does
anyone know what this is? I'm intrigued by it.
  $5 each + shipping

+ Digital M8210 - 32kW (72bit words) MOS memory for a VAX-11/780. It's
  still sealed in an anti-static bag, so I assume it's in excellent
  $5 + shipping

+ NCD 19c Xterminal, no cables. Uses a sync-on-green monitor, does color,
  has AUI/10Base2 network connectors, uses standard PS/2 style keyboard
  and a 9pin serial (pc-like) mouse.
  ** Based off of Motorola 88100 processor **
  $10 + shipping

+ 4 x Sun SparcStation 5, 64MB RAM, CG6 framebuffer, 2GB Seagate ST32550WC
  hard drive. These are working, but don't have an OS installed for
  licensing reasons. I can install Debian Linux (base install) on them
  if interested (for free!).
  $15 each + shipping,
    also have some parts (lots of CG6's), email if interested.

+ 6 x Sun SparcStation 5 power supplies (PN 300-1215-02):
  ratings are +5V _at_ 25A, +12V @ 2.3A(Max 4A), -12V @ 0.25A
      max continuous 150.2W, max output <15sec 174.2W
  $5 each + shipping

+ Not really classic, but I've got a lot of RJ45->DE9-F cisco console
  cables, and 48VDC, 0.3A table-top 'wall wart' power supplies. I figured
  that they might be of some use to list readers, and wanted to do this
  before they go onto eBay.
  $5 for one + shipping, or make me an offer for >1.

+ VME Boards - have socketed chips that are re-usable:

        1 x MC68881RC15A - math coprocessor
        1 x MC68901P
        2 x MC68230P10 - 68k 'parallel port' chip
        1 x PAL16R4CN -\
        1 x PAL14L4NC --+- does anyone know if they're erasable?
        1 x PAL16R6NC -/
        2 x D8293 --\
        1 x P8291A ---+-- Intel GPIB chips

   parallel ports:
        2 x MC68230P10
        n x 74LS00 series logic IC's

   net interface:
        2 x MC68230P10
        n x 74LS00 series logic IC's

   DMA interface:
        n x 74LS00 series logic IC's

   68010 board:
        1 x MC68010L10
        4 x KM6264L-15 8k x 8 150ns SRAM
        4 x M5L2764 8k x 8 EPROM
        1 x 5.0688MHz oscillator

   68000 board:
        mostly same as the 68010 board, except with MC68000P8 instead

   I also have a couple of prototyping (wire-wrap) VME boards. You can
see everything I have at including (fuzzy)
pictures of the boards. I'd like to get $5 per board + shipping to
recuperate my costs. I can do cheaper for large quantites.

  ** The CPU boards have custom-developed console 'debuggers' that use
     the RS-232 port on the CPU card as a console. They *require* that
     a PE/IO board be connected to the VME bus in order to 'initialize'.
     You could, of course get around this by replacing the ROMs.

If (when) I get multiple offers, I'll try to choose fairly who gets the
stuff, or divide it up if there's multiple people interested

Thanks for listening!

Lafayette, IN, USA 47904
Purdue Universtiy ITAP/RCS
Information Technology at Purdue
Research Computing and Storage
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