From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Wed Feb 5 15:06:00 2003

Jay asks:
> VERY kewl! But... please clarify... are you saying it lists one firmware
> part for the M, and one for the E, or one part number for firmware that
> works in either?

It gives separate part numbers for IOP firmware for the 2100, M-series,
and E-series. For the M-series, it only gave the number of the complete
firmware accessory board assembly, but for the 2100 and E-series, it
gave the part numbers of the actual PROMs.

> IF we had it *sigh*. Can you post that E series IOP firmware part
> number, so I can start searching??

I'll look it up tonight.

> I knew about the A & B using the old mux (which appears to have
> disappeared from the face of the earth), but I thought C used the newer
> "smart" mux. Good to Know.

That's the main difference between C and C'. The C' uses exactly
the same IOP code as F.

> Which brings us back to needing the IOP firmware, in order to tweak the
> code to support other more common drives. *sigh*

I'm not sure I understand. What does IOP firmware have to do with

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