From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Wed Feb 5 15:21:00 2003

I wrote:
>> I'm not sure I understand. What does IOP firmware have to do with
>> drives?

Jay wrote:
> Everything, in our specific situation. I mean, since you said 2000Access
> is the only one we have machine readable source code for, then, to tweak
> the O/S (rewrite the disk I/O handlers) to support other hard drives
> that are easier to find and more reliable, like the really small HP-IB
> units, we have to have source, and the only source you mentioned we had
> was Access, which requires the IOP firmware.

I see. I figured that since we have printed listings for C' and E,
that we could do hacks like that as patches to the binaries. Of course,
the binaries might not exactly match the listings, since they could be
older or newer versions.
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