Emulex QD 211

From: Frank Arnold <fm.arnold_at_gmx.net>
Date: Wed Feb 5 15:30:01 2003

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>From: Innfogra_at_aol.com
>Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 21:29:26 EST
>Subject: Emulex QD 211
>To: cctalk_at_classiccmp.org
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>The actual number is QD2110202-00 rev L. From the connectors it is either
>ESDI or a MFM hard disk controller for Qbus but I am not sure which.

IIRC the small 10 pin connectoris is for a console-CRT. Has the same pinning as
DLV11-J and will work independent of host-sw, only power to QD21 applied is
enough. Used for configuration ect. Connect a terminal, and see what it says to

Will see if I find some Doc's on this. If its ok, its a very useful module.

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