Things FS (dec, ncd, sun, chips), and Info requested

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 15:52:01 2003

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>Subject: RE: Things FS (dec, ncd, sun, chips), and Info requested
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>See below.
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>Subject: Re: Things FS (dec, ncd, sun, chips), and Info requested
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>>First, the question. Look for "SELLING" below for what I have 'for sale'.
>> I've managed to pick up a TECMAR, Inc. "LAB TENDER COMP" card for the
>>IBM PC (8bit ISA interface) but I don't have any docs on it. There's a
>>total of 5 34pin headers on the card, a bunch of 7400 seris logic, an
>>AM9513, AM8255A-5, 5xTL084CJ, 4xHEF4051BP chips, and 3x8switch
> ^^^^^^
> Math processor??
> Dwight
>>dip-switches. Does anyone know what this is and/or have software/docs for
>[Robert Feldman] <Snip> Please?

 I was incorrect, a quick search shows that it is a timer
chip( 9513 ). The 8255's are parallel I/O chips. The 4051's
are analog multiplexers. The TL084's are Op-Amps.
Other than that, I have no idea what it does. If there
was a A/D chip mixed in with the TTL, I'd think it
was a multi channel A/D board.
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