Gathering Classic Computer Info

From: Patrick Rigney <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 16:43:00 2003

Judging from the level of disagreement on many recent topics, it appears
that we all need a distraction! :-)

I would like to solicit your help. As part of my research for a project
that will benefit this Classic Computer Community, I am trying to assemble
an exhaustive database of companies who manufactured what is now classic
computer hardware and software. For the moment, I am focusing only on
hardware. Software will be the next project.

I am seeking to bring together a small part of your collective knowledge and
expertise. I have built a simple web page that will collect the names of
manufacturers and products.

Please go to and dump your
brain! All manufacturers and products are fair game, and in fact, the more
obscure the better. Please accept my apologies in advance for the
simplistic (crude) interface, but this is simply a data collection exercise
and I did not waste much time on flourish.

When the project is complete, this data will be cleaned up and made
available to anyone who cares to have it. This data will not be sold, it
will be free. The site does not collect any personal information; your
submissions are completely anonymous.

Thanks in advance for your help!

KIM-1 * North Star Horizon * Heath ET-3400 * Rockwell AIM-65 * Heath/Zenith

P.S. I'm sure I've missed a plethora of categories; please email me your
suggestions using the link on that page.
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