More Amiga finds and a some great articles to read

From: Keys <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 18:19:00 2003

Today I was able to find the keyboard and monitor for the 2000HD I got

Stopped at Borders Book store and found the January 2003 Nuts & Volts has a
good article on the Altair 880 titled MICRO MEMORIES. Maloney's Antiques &
Collectibles Resource Directory list Computers as a collectable and points
several people we all know as experts and recommends books and sites to
check out. Also while there looked in Warman's Flea Market Price Guide 2nd
Edition (2001) it also list computers as something to look for but boy the
prices they give way out of range. Here's are some: a Mac 128 $350, a Mac
Plus $50, a IIc $65, a Atari XL800 $125, and a Epson HX-40 $125. Check it
out for the remaining ones.
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