MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable

From: Robert F. Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Wed Feb 5 20:54:01 2003

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> Owen wrote about the notched power connector:
> > 20A rated.
> That makes more sense than high-temp, but I'm a little surprised
> as IEC 60320-1 (formerly IEC 320) only covers plugs and sockets up
> to 16A. Is there another standard that covers the 20A variant?
> > What's needed for this list is the URL of someone selling these
> > cords. Noone has found one yet.
> Hmmm... If we can figure out what standard it conforms to, it will
> be easier to find it with Google.

I came across http://www.quail.com/NACords/index.html a few days ago. They
seem to have the cords I need, both the C15 (notched) and C19 (horizontal
prongs). I haven't called then yet to check proces and quantities, but I'm
taking next week off to have a baby, so I expect to have lots of Copious
Spare Time in which to take care of things. :)

> Eric

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