ZIP Chip (Was: Is there such a thing as a ZIF socket for PLCC chips?)

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 05:33:59 2003

At 08:35 PM 2/5/03 +0100, Hans Franke wrote:
>Well, listening to all this ZIF informations, I have a total
>unrelated question: does anyone of you remember the ZIP Chip,
>an upgrade CPU for the Apple II. It's been a 4+ MHz 6502 with
>some cache. Or what about the Rocket Chip, the competition?

As long as you fing one of the old Applied Engineering carrier things as
recently as last year a group buy for some of the 12 mhz IIRC chips was
going on in one of the Apple II groups. It never really tempted me that
much, since I have some many systems, running something on the old A2 has
going slow as part of its charm.
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