6502 fans - the SBC-2 is about to have another run - order boards now!

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Feb 6 08:47:00 2003

For those who haven't been to http://65c02.tripod.com/ , the SBC-2
is a single-board 6502 with the following onboard:

> > BTW, I haven't ordered parts yet (been swamped with stuff since I got
> > laid off). The 6502 board I was mentioning is called the SBC-2. It's
> > home is http://65c02.tripod.com/home.html I've been talking to Daryl
> > and he has interest for 3 at the moment (including my 2, I think). If
> > I haven't mentioned it to you, one of my goals is to hook a G321D LCD
> > display to the SBC-2 and use it as a VT52 emulator for the SBC6120.
> > Both are 100% CMOS. The G321D needs -24VDC, so I'll probably go with
> > the DC-DC converter recommended by one of the project pages and use
> > that to drive everything. It kicks out 3A _at_ +5VDC plus enough -24VDC
> > to drive the G321D. Should run a flash card or a 2.5" IDE drive, too.
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