6502 fans - the SBC-2 is about to have another run - order boards now!

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Feb 6 09:48:00 2003

(Whoops... let's try that again with the editing *finished* this time...

For those who haven't been to http://65c02.tripod.com/ , the SBC-2
is a single-board 6502 with the following onboard:

   o 1 MHz 65c02
   o 32K of static RAM
   o 32k of EEPROM
   o 2 x 65C22 Versatile Interface Adapters (VIA)
   o 1 x 65C51 Asynchronous Interface Adapter.
   o Eight 16-byte address blocks decoded for I/O (3 used onboard)

This will be the second run of boards. At the moment, Daryl has
ten orders. The deadline is 15-Feb.

Picture at http://65c02.tripod.com/sbc2.jpg Current cost breakdown is:

(from Daryl's announcement)

$26.20 per board
$4-6 shipping US
$4-14 shipping outside US
$2 for the serial cable

(The serial cable is a 10-pin IDC<->DE9M, like the kind you find
on Socket3 and Socket7 PeeCee motherboards).

No guarantees that more orders will hit a new price point, so if you
have an interest in a compact CMOS 6502 SBC, write Daryl: 65c02_at_softcom.net
Do it soon.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the SBC-2 except as a potential

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