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From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 12:55:21 2003

Hi Al,

   Never heard of that particular memory board before, don't know where you
can get a manual. For a HD you can go to and buy a "ICD
LINK" Adapter which will give your DMA/ASCI port full SCSI capabilities,
also ask them about ExtenDOS Gold, its a drivers disk that will allow the
TOS to recognize and use CD-ROM drives too, they also have a large selection
of ST software on CDROM's


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Subject: Atari ST Help

> I have my original Atari ST 512 still...
> It's been a trouper and I'd like to use it again..
> So, I'm looking for help with the following:
> 1. It has an AERCO Easie-ST Ram upgrade board in it,
> that is no longer recognized. This board will use 1mb
> x 8 chips to take the system to 4mb (which is max for
> this machine).
> I lost my manual, and it isn't working anymore.
> I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have the
> manual for this, or can point me to where I can get a
> RAM upgrade for this old machine?
> 2. I'd like to throw an 80mb SCSI External drive I
> have on it, so I'm looking for a SCSI Adapter for an
> ST. $100 + s/h for a new(?) one from one of the
> remaining dealers is a bit steep...
> Does anyone know of a cheaper source for one, or have
> an old Atari Drive with a bad mechanism I can buy to
> salvage the adapter?
> Regards,
> Al Hartman
> P.S.: I have a paper tray for an HP IIIp printer (but
> not the actual mechanism to use it) if someone is
> still looking for one.
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