Same seller, more HP stuff on ebay

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 12:56:13 2003


> The same seller that didn't sell his HP2000 system on ebay (and relisted
> it), is also auctioning separately an HP3030 tape drive that appears to be
> in great condition cosmetically. Nice piece of history!

Is that the drive HP got when they bought some tape drive
company in the 60s? (I can't remember the company name, but I
remember seeing a Scientific American ad in the 1960s
for a tape company touting that they were now an HP division.)

Like just about every other company they bought, they killed
it, and it wasn't too many years later that they had to go
outside the company to OEM the HP 7976 (6250 BPI) from
Storage Tech (?) (even then, they bought the wrong one...
the Qualex drive was faster and (apparently) more reliable :)

Stan Sieler 
Received on Thu Feb 06 2003 - 12:56:13 GMT

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