I saw you post 12-17-02 about Intel 1602

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Thu Feb 6 16:58:01 2003

 One should note that the programming of the A parts
is different than the non-A parts. The manual shown
has the specs for the non-A parts ( these are really
rare ). Most are either 1708A, 8708A or 4708A parts
that are found now days. Signal wise, I believe that
the non-A and A parts are similar.
 They made very few of the non-A parts.

>From: "Vettore Massimo MARPD EDP" <massimo.vettore_at_zf.com>
>You could find information on Intel 8702A at the IMSAI web site
>look at Intel 8080 Microcomputer Systems User's Manual part 2
>or straight
>go to page 56
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>>I have been handed down a room full of electronics - my
>>brother-in-law's father passed away - and I am the nearest relative who
>>has a career in electronics, so... I am spending my evenings going
>>through and identifing parts, most of which I am familiar with and have
>>datasheets on. However, I can't find anything on these i C8702A. A
>>web search brought me to your posting. I am hoping you have a datasheet
>>or know where I should go to find one.
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