From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 17:10:34 2003

 Along the same lines; 7 school-kids on a ski outing were
killed by an avalanche in the Canadian rockies the same
day. CBC-TV jumped all over the Columbia event and ran
continuous coverage of the Columbia relegating the
avalanche victims to regular news coverage.

 I'm sure the parents and relatives of these kids
considered the Columbia secondary and were hurt when
so little coverage was done in Canada due to the
Columbia media event. Belatedly, undoubtably
responding to criticism, there has been much more follow-
up coverage, and much crocodile tears by the media.

 Along similar lines a local school class' entry in a contest
was rejected by the Chicago organizer in response to
Canadian government positions on Iraq. The new
McCarthyism. And of course there was only local
coverage of it by the spin-doctored media.

 I agree with Hans. The original purpose of the news-
media was to provide news, not spin-doctored media
spectaculars, however unfortunate the Columbia event


On 5 Feb 2003, , Hans Franke wrote:

> > > 7 people died. 7 people die all the time. These 7
> > > happened to be astronauts. Big deal.
> > Troll.
> I tried to stay off the Columbia thread, but the Troll
> argument doesn't realy fit. The very same day 40 people died
> in a train crash in Simbabwe and 42 as a house exploded in
> Lagos (Nigeria, Africa). So are they not woth beeing
> mentioned, just because they didn't die in a multi billion
> dollar environment ?
> Sorry, I don't want to degrade any of the Columbia
> passengers, but our news business got a huge problem.
> Gruss
> H.
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