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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Thu Feb 6 17:11:04 2003

Well since I heat my large old house with electicity and
also have an electric range, as well as the computers,
large TV and a bunch of audio equipment, I could likely
throw in a couple of grow lights with barely a glitch in my
power usage. Maybe I should rent out space to a grower
to cover some of the hydro bills I've been getting this
winter in the subzero temperatures of central Manitoba.

 Hell, birds (the ones that don't fly south) are hovering
above my place just to keep warm.


On 5 Feb 2003, , chris wrote:

> > They restricted the use of HEAT SENSORS but they did not
> > restrict the
> >police from using estimates of exceesive power usage by the
> >power companies. That's how they "caught" Zane. The
> >thermal imaging sensors would have probably shown that the
> >source was a computer and not growing plants. BTW they also
> >use both technologies for detecking stills built inside of
> >homes.
> Does this open up the market to sell used big iron to drug
> dealers? This way they can justify their extra power usage
> and heat output.
> "No officer, I don't grow pot... its just my refridgerator
> sized computer, pay no attention to the plants behind the
> curtain"
> -chris
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