DECserver 700-16 firmware etc (plus ISO oddities)

From: Witchy <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 21:54:22 2003

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> You're probably not going to like this, but your drive is probably
> dying. I've had a few that did this, and the only fix was to replace them.
> Try to use them, even set read-only, and you will probably see them
> completely fail in a few weeks.
> Back up whatever you want to keep from them asap, while they
> will still read.

Ta for that; I'd already formatted it with rzdisk (which didn't complain,
btw) so I'm not bothered about contents. I completely forgot I had a BA350
with 7 RZ28s in so I just raided one of those for now.

Having fun with the ISO creation though. So far I've tried Nero, CDRwin and
IsoBuster and the only one to give me half decent results is IsoBuster;
unfortunately no matter which drive (reader is a Plextor 40x and writer is a
Yamaha 4416s) I use I get errors, which strikes me as odd since the disk
surface looks perfect - no marks or fluff, plus the disks obviously worked
when I used them on our InfoServerVXT, which admittedly would be 5 or 6
years ago now. I tried reading the Disk Access CD and the InfoServer 1000
Tape access CD.....
Haven't tried doing this on the wife's laptop yet though :)

Anyone else see a similar problem?


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