Assembly on a Apple IIc+

From: Scarletdown <>
Date: Fri Feb 7 05:05:00 2003

Subject: Assembly on a Apple IIc+
From: Ron Hudson <>
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> What do I need to get started with 6502 Assembly on an apple II?
> --- I have:
> 6502 Machine code reference
> Apple IIc+
> Prodos
> Dos 3.3

For starters, I believe that the IIC+, like the IIGS has a Mini
Assembler built into its ROM. To get to it, you enter the commands:

CALL -151 (takes you to the Machine Language Monitor)
! (takes you from the Monitor to the Mini Assembler)

The Mini Assembler is a very rudimentary line by line assembler. In
other words, when you enter a line of Assembly language, it
automatically gets assembled into its 6502 machine language
counterpart and stored in RAM. You can then save your machine
language program with the BSAVE command (I don't remember the actual
format of the command at the moment unfortunately). It isn't the
most effective way to write assembly language programs, but it is
good as a starting point. Also, if your Apple II has a word
processor that can save in plain ASCII format, you can write your
assembly language code in a text file and use the EXEC command to
load it into the Mini Assembler.

As for getting programs and other files from the Internet to your
IIC+, your Mac should be able to read and write ProDOS disks that you
can use on your II.

There's quite a few Apple II FAQs out there on the Net; and you
should be able to find more information than I can provide at this
gawdawful hour. You might also want to fire up your UseNet news
reader and check out comp.sys.apple2 for more help.

-- Scarletdown
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