Interesting technique for removing tape discovered

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri Feb 7 05:36:00 2003

Someone sent me an unassembled Ohio Scientific Superboard II kit in its
original box the other day. Unfortunately, they didn't put the original
box inside another box before applying tape and the Fedex shipping receipt
pouch on the box (over the original OS label).

So I had to carefully peel off the various stickies. I was able to do a
pretty good job and except for the label tearing due to age, I was able to
remove the pouch without damaging it.

When I was removing the tape I accidently discovered that if I pulled the
tape in a horizontal plane, it actually causes the tape to lift from the
box without taking the top layer of the cardboard or any paper labels with

Grab on to the tape and start pulling on it (hard) rather than peeling it
back. It will lift off. The kind of tape I am referring to here is the
clear packaging tape.

Anyway, something to try the next time someone does this to you. To avoid
this, be sure to have your sender put any original boxes inside another
box before shipping. I didn't realize this was coming in the original box
or else I would have instructed him to do so.

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