OT Avalanches (was: Columbia)

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Feb 7 09:12:00 2003

>When I was a kid, I tried and tried to make an igloo of packed cubes of
>snow. I never could get one finished as once the walls started to curve
>I couldn't get the layers to stick long enough to close the thing up and
>complete it. An igloo is a very stable structure, but a half-finished
>one isn't at all stable...

In boy scouts, we cheated. We used a plastic box to make the packed
cubes, and a spray bottle of water to make the blocks stick together. A
light misting on the top edge of a block, then press the next block down
onto it and hold for a second... igloo superglue!

It worked well enough to get the structure finished... alas we didn't
make it big enough for all of us in the troop to fit inside (10 of us?),
and the pushing and shoving that followed made quick work of tearing it
back down.

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