OT Avalanches (was: Columbia)

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Date: Fri Feb 7 14:34:01 2003


Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk> said:

> I have a feeling that in survival situations you don't make an igloo, but a
> tunnel that you lay down in. Dig a trench into the snow first, then you just
> use a few blocks above surface level to make the roof. Pack snow on top of that
> to seal the gaps. One end is sealed, then after reversing in you use your pack
> to seal the entrance up beind you.
> The other alternative is to dig a tunnel. You make it T-shaped for some reason
> that currently eludes me; the entrance is at the lowest point of the T and you
> lay across the 'arms'.

The cold air sinks to the bottom, and the warm air, from your own body
heat, rises to the top, so you lie as high up as possible. You should
make a small air hole from the top of your tunnel and make sure you keep
it open so as not to suffocate. The small entrance low down reduces the
amount of cold air blown in. I hope I never have to do it for real :-)

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