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Date: Fri Feb 7 20:37:00 2003

> That's extremely good news.
> Unfortunately, my experience in repairing the samsung TV's is that you
> *start* by replacing about AUS $50 worth of power supply components, then
> you see what else failed.
> Doug Jackson
> to speed? That's right. It shattered. I spent 25 minutes
> picking bits of CD
> out of the mechanism. And then I powered it up again. And it came up to
> speed and read a CD fine. Guess that says something about
> Samsung CD drives
> then... Unfortunately, the other Samsung 48x drive I was given
> really was
> dead - the spindle motor bearings seized up...

Hey, hot damn, thought I left Samsjunk back there at end of day
today at tv shop. :-P Been battling with a Samsung tv for long time
( no pix but good audio, all the must haves are there). :-(

Samsung do better in monitors, occasionally one comes up with
bizzarre fault that takes eons to track down.

Their samsung TVs is the worst.

Insert your favourite brand of cd stuff drives week:
Sleeve bearings are basically same in any cd, dvd, whatever that uses
CD or DVD format these days. This is unusual on yours to seize up.
The very old ones had ball bearings which is nice but unfortunely
they got died off from chipset failures or very slow.



> Later.
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