PS2 Mouse

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 12:09:01 2003

PS2 works off the keyboard controller, I was hoping somebody might have made
a specialty board with keyboard controller allowing older machines to use
ps2 hardware

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+AD4- +AD4- I could use a USB +AD0APg- PS/2 mouse adapter, so far I have not
+AD4- +AD4- found any such animal. I've found plenty that go the other way.
+AD4- Think this is one. It isn't a passthru.
+AD4- On the subject...
+AD4- I see a lot of PS/2-female to RS232/D9-male adaptors.
+AD4- I assume that these are for signal sensing mice,
+AD4- since these adaptors Are passthru, and I get the impression
+AD4- from this list that PS/2 signals aren't RS232.
+AD4- John A.
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