Sierra Adventure Games

From: Tomer Gabel <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 16:10:41 2003

Just to mention a few: Kenny did the music for the excellent One Must Fall:
2097. Several trackers (including Dan Nicholson, a.k.a Maelcum/KFMF) worked
with Toys for Bob on Star Control 2 and Archon Ultra.

Finally, Alexander Brandon (a.k.a Chromatic Dragon and later on Siren/FM)
did some amazing music for some amazing computer games, including but not
limited to Tyrian, Deus-Ex, Unreal (some of his best work!), Unreal

Also, who was it that did the music for Jazz Jackrabbit? To hell with it,
that entire GAME was made exclusively by ex-Ultraforce demosceners.

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> Reinnaisance (sp? some members went on to program or do music for games).

I was too old to get involved much with the "demo scene" although the
local computer club we did do stuff like demos back in the late 70's
early 80's before computers became mainstream.

Kenny Chow (CC Catch) of Renissance went on to make game music for Epic
Mega games. I don't know of any recent projects he has done though.
Several better trackers from the early 90s went on to do lots of game

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