Question on chip date code

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 11:07:00 2003

I am looking at a chip that is causing me confusing with regards to its
actual date code.

The chip is labeled thusly:

(logo) /718

(logo) looks something like this: /\/

...which probably makes it National Semiconductor.

My first instinct is to guess that its date code is 9322. However, it
does not fit within the context of the rest of the board, which is 1976.
They are definitely not original, as the board calls for a 74257 but the
74157 has been put in its place with the addition of a capacitor across +5
and ground.

Is it possible that the date code is actually "/718", and what I am seeing
as a slash is actually what remains of a '7' that wasn't printed

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