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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 11:58:00 2003

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Megan wrote:

> Unfortunately, a positive feedback (say, in the hundreds) also does
> not guarantee that you won't get ripped-off. I recently (well,
> November of last year), purchased something through ebay from someone
> who had about 140+ for their feedback... and very few negatives.
> I sent them the payment for the item ($300+) and although they kept
> sending emails about how they were going to get it out to me, with
> some extras due to the delay, the person never did ship the item.
> His contact information was totally bogus (the mail-to address was
> different from what the person had on file with ebay, which I didn't
> get until it was too late and I was reporting a problem). The
> phone number was no good (again, I didn't have that until there was
> a problem).
> Now, the person's account is inactive...
> So, don't assume anything from a feedback profile value...

This seems to me to be an actionable breakdown of eBay's user agreement.
It is eBay's indirect responsibility through its feedback system to
guarantee that people selling through eBay with a feedback rating that
high are legitimate.

If you had a lot of time, money and patience, I bet you could prevail over
eBay in this case (and set a significant precedent for future incidents).

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